1. Is Free4Cause a registered non-profit organization?

Yes! We are registered with the state of Tennessee as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

2. Can I get items for free?

There is a minimum donation of $5 required for any item. We encourage you to donate the amount you feel appropriate.

3. Can I sell items here?

No. “Sellers” on this site are required to give their items away at no cost so that the “Buyer” can make a donation to a charitable organization.

4. Do I give my money to the "Seller"?

No. All donations are made electronically through the Free4Cause app and given to the charity of your choice.

5. Are there any items that we are not allowed to list on Free4Cause?

Yes. Please see our Terms and Conditions for a list of prohibited items.

6. How much of my donation goes to the charity I select?

Free4Cause keeps 25% of each donation as an administrative and processing fee. The remaining 75% of your donation goes directly to the charity you select.

7. How do I post an item?

From the home page, click the camera icon at the top left corner. Click “Add Image,” click ”take a photo” and snap a picture, add multiple pictures if desired. Give your item a TITLE, a DESCRIPTION and pick a CATEGORY for your item. You can also put in the zip code of where the item is located and suggest a charity. Then all you have to do is click POST and your done!

8. Will the monetary donation go to the charity I suggested?

The monetary donor will ultimately decide which charity will receive the donation. However, they will be encouraged to donate to the charity you suggested.

9. How do I donate for an item?

Once you find an item that you like, you simply click the DONATE button and pick an organization from the category of your choice. Put in the amount you want to donate and click MAKE DONATION. It’s that easy.

10. How can I search for an item?

On the home page there is a search bar above the items listed. Type in what you are looking for and click SEARCH.

11. Can I search in different cities?

Yes, on the home page click the FILTER button and it will take you to the filter page. There you can type in the city you want, the range of miles you want to search and a specific category.

12. How do I get to my profile?

On the home page at the top right corner you will see the PROFILE Icon, click it and It will take you to your profile.

13. Can I change my profile information?

Yes, go to your profile and at the top right corner is a gear icon. Click on it and it will take you to your profile settings. There you can change your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and update your CREDIT CARD. You can also go to the HELP PAGE to check out our TERMS & CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY and list of PROHIBITED ITEMS on the settings page.

14. How can I edit my posts?

Go into your profile and click on the item you wish to edit and click “EDIT LISTING”

15. How can I view my posts?

Go into your profile and click on the item you wish to view and click “VIEW LISTING”

16. How can I delete my posts?

Go into your profile and click on the item you wish to delete and click “DELETE LISTING”

17. How can I put my item on hold?

Go into your profile and click on the item you wish to hold and click “TOGGLE ITEM.” To take the item off hold, go back into profile click the item on hold and click “TOGGLE HOLD” again.

18. How can I contact a person who is donating their item?

Once you are on an item you like, Click the “CONTACT DONOR” icon located in the bottom right corner. This will bring you to a “MESSAGE” pop-up box. Type in your message and click send.

19. How do I contact someone who messaged me about their item?

In the text message you received, you will find a link to their profile. Click the link to be taken to their profile. In the top, right corner of the profile page you will find the Messaging icon. Click the icon, type your message and click send.

20. How can I see if someone has other items they've donated?

From any posted item, you can click on the donor’s name and it will bring you to their profile where you can view all of their available items.

21. Are my donations tax deductable?

Monetary donations are not tax deductible, as the donor is receiving goods in exchange for the donation. Non-monetary donations are tax deductible. For help determining deduction amounts please refer to IRS PUB 561.

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